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16 Aug 2023

The influence of programming paradigms on development techniques

I was reading an old paper recently A Requirements-Driven Software Development Methodology by Castro, Kolp and Mylopoulo...
13 Jun 2023

Hiring a software engineer in their late 40s

I recently saw this toot in Mastodon and I had a good laugh with it. It’s trite, but many older workers in the sof...
18 May 2023

Keep your code simple, Wirth style

On keeping your code simple (because you know you only write it once, but you maintain it for the rest of your life), th...
18 May 2023

Grace Hopper did not create Cobol

Republishing something I wrote in some time back about the role of Grace Hopper in the creation of Cobol: Grac...
12 May 2020

Blog Migration

It took longer than expected, but after some careful planning and making use of the great Oracle cloud free tier I moved...