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Finishing Startup Boards: Advanced Entrepreneurship

We’re on the last lectures of Startup Boards course and from all the courses I have attended this year, this one has been one of the most interesting. And this time I think is not only Clint Korver but the community created around the course.

Of course, there are some barriers to keep the course pace: not only the difficulty to rganise management boards when the members are living in different time zones, but also the issue of executing the tasks recommended by the Management Board: basically the course is set too fast to the development of a Startup.

The main cause is probably the Stanford main course is not developing real Startups, but it is role playing the creation of new companies. But unfortunately for our course (and thankfully for us) we’re working with real start ups with a much slower pace than the course. The result is the Management Boards are moving slowly than the course and assignments are left unfinished. This is clearly an issue with the way the course is defined.

And as a recommendation, review the last lecture of the course about ethical decision making: probably one of the best of the course.


It is fairly quiet around

Yes, long time without any updates. I’ve been involved in the Venture Lab Course lately and it is an interesting and busy experience. The main difference with previous courses I took (NLP or Machine Learning) is the group experience. Venture Lab is a team based course and it is not possible to do it alone.

So, here I am, working with a wonderful team of people from all around Europe trying to create a great product for the Corporate World.

I’ll keep you updated!


Gartner is spamming me!

I know I am a Gartner user, and I know I have probably accepted to receive emails of things supposed to interest me (Or things that Gartner thinks I’m interested), but…

you sent me six mails in September, six in October and by November 6th I haver already received three. I did not want to check the all opt out box because I’m interested to be informed about you, but I do not accept to be spammed monthly, so I just checked the damn box.

You used to be nicer, but lately Forrester is much nicer: it only sends two emails per month.

Finding communities in social networks

Lately, I’ve been interested in how social networks may help software to identify common user traits so the application adapts to users’ need.

Software should be able to apply per user customization properties between common members of users’ groups. These communities should be discovered by the application using existing relationships among the users. The relationship should be an integral part of the application, set by the users (via internal application messaging, internal address book, subscription to mailing lists/interest groups…) or the application administrators (hierarchical definitions, ACLs…). From the set of communities the application should extract  customization properties and recommend the common ones to the rest of the community.

Two documents have been useful:

  1. Social networks that matter: Twitter under the microscope
    is an introductory paper about choosing the right metric for identifying communities in Twitter, but easily applicable to other social networks.  Conclusion for Twitter: Number of followers is not a good metric, @friends are.

  2. Discovering Communities in Linear Time: a Physics Approach is a much more interesting paper. It proposes using Kirchhoff’s laws to find communities in linear time (without the need of edge cutting). The algorithm has some drawbacks (Usha Nandini Raghavan, Reka Albert, Soundar Kumara propose an alternative), but the approach is interesting because allows to identify communities without identifying hierarchical structures.

For more social network papers, HP Labs has an interesting set of them.

Oh! I also work for an HP company, but I have no relationship to the HP Labs papers.

Just upgraded to WordPress 2.7

Flawlessly! Great job WordPress!

If you have a WordPress blog, download the new release and follow the usual steps to upgrade.

“phrase from nearest book” meme

The meme:

  • Grab the nearest book.
  • Open it to page 56.
  • Find the fifth sentence.
  • Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.
  • Don’t dig for your favorite book, the cool book, or the intellectual one: pick the CLOSEST.

Lástima que los verdaderos logros – el amor, la poesía inglesa, el perme de la libertad- deban permenacer en secreto o sean en España un lujo sin porvenir.

From Jaime Gil de Biedma bio, by Miguel Dalmau

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