I just have finished Coursera’s Design and Interpretation of Clinical Trials by Janet Holbrook, PhD, MPH, Lea T. Drye, PhD.

And this time the experience has been disappointing. I have to admit I have a long time pharma experience, including supporting Clinical Trials, but this is not the point.
Frankly, the course content is too introductory, even for people with no knowledge of what is a Clinical Trial. And if this is your target, please provide a first lesson explaining
what are the main processes in pharma R&D and why clinical trials were introduced.

Also, the materials are poor. Having a voice reading slides is not the most pedagogic way of presenting content. Also, the lack of exercises (collaborative exercises would have been great) makes the course a poor fit for current MOOC systems.

So, is this a course for you? It depends, if you have a basic knowledge of Clinical Trials, probably the answer is not. The course does not provide any value over reading some Wikipedia pages.
Otherwise, it may be useful to you, if you start with this introduction in Drug Discovery, Development and  and Approval.