We’re on the last lectures of Startup Boards course and from all the courses I have attended this year, this one has been one of the most interesting. And this time I think is not only Clint Korver but the community created around the course.

Of course, there are some barriers to keep the course pace: not only the difficulty to rganise management boards when the members are living in different time zones, but also the issue of executing the tasks recommended by the Management Board: basically the course is set too fast to the development of a Startup.

The main cause is probably the Stanford main course is not developing real Startups, but it is role playing the creation of new companies. But unfortunately for our course (and thankfully for us) we’re working with real start ups with a much slower pace than the course. The result is the Management Boards are moving slowly than the course and assignments are left unfinished. This is clearly an issue with the way the course is defined.

And as a recommendation, review the last lecture of the course about ethical decision making: probably one of the best of the course.